#BibliophileProblems: Some Things I Have to Deal With

Reading has always been my favorite activity, ever since I was kid. Having spent most of my childhood inside our house, I often read to kill time. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many books at home (encyclopedias and my dad’s engineering books don’t count). And when I visit the bookstore with my parents, they only let me buy one or two books–which I would finish in a month or so. Thank God for libraries, right?

My dream then was to fill our bookshelves with my favorite books. That’s why when I finally started earning my own money, I went on to buy as much books as I can. But as much as I love growing my collection, I also have to deal with problems that I’m sure any bibliophile can relate.

You feel that your unread pile is growing and staring at you accusingly every time you buy new books.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel this every time I enter a bookstore. The bookstore is my happy place, and shopping for books is my retail therapy. But I still hesitate whenever I pick up a book off the shelf. I would tell myself that I shouldn’t buy a new book because I still have 4 or 5 new and unread ones back home. Depending on the situation (read: my wallet and/or credit card bill), I still buy books anyway.

You always get asked if you’ve read them all.

“Nabasa mo lahat yan?” As if my books are objects for display. (Ok, maybe they also have a decorative function, but c’mon.)

You have so many books that you don’t know where to put them.

Though this is a nice problem to have, it’s still a hassle especially when you want to keep your books in good condition. You didn’t spend all this money just to have them lying all over the floor.

Me and my sister have always shared a room, but I try to place my books in every corner of it, just to maximize the space. But it’s still not enough, so I also have books placed in the living room. I do wish I can keep them all in one place, arranged by genre and author, and proper labels.

You accidentally buy another copy of the same book because you can’t keep track of them.

Early on, I wasn’t able to document the books that I have. So sometimes I would end up buying books of the same title. The good part is that often they are different editions, so I get to choose the better one and then give away or sell the extra copy. (I gave away an extra copy of Yann Martel’s short story collection in my first post.)

I currently use my Goodreads account to not only document my books but also keep track of the ones I’ve read. The mobile version has this nifty scan feature where you can scan the barcode so you won’t have to manually encode the titles (however, it doesn’t work in some Philippine titles).

At one point, you will lose a book.

Whether it is because of carelessness or a friend (now enemy. loljk) who borrowed your book and never returned it, you’re bound to lose one or two. Again, keeping track would really help.

You have to decide: hardbound or paperback? This cover or that?

I know they say don’t judge the book by its cover, but I’m pretty sure all bibliophiles will agree: it matters. Certain considerations have to be made when choosing hardbound or paperback. Most of my hardbound books are first editions, which means I couldn’t wait for the cheaper, paperback edition. But sometimes I do prefer paperbacks because they are lighter and more convenient to carry.

As with the covers, publishers often release various editions of the same title, hence the different cover designs. Some even have different sizes. I had a hard time choosing an edition of One Hundred Years of Solitude because of that. (Harry Potter is an exception though.)

You know it’s never enough.

I don’t know how many books I currently have. All I know is–I want more! You can never have too many books. 😀




Converse Warehouse Sale 2015

It’s been a while since I last blogged and that’s because real life got in the way and I’ve been busy. But here’s one of the things that I was able to squeeze in between my busy life events: the first Converse Warehouse Sale for 2015!

I first heard of this through this blog post. The warehouse is located at 8 General Molina St., Parang, Marikina. Because it’s just near our place, this encouraged me to visit the warehouse.  The sale started this weekend (March 14) and ends next weekend (March 22).

I initially thought of going there very early, but 1) I’m not a morning person; and 2) most people would probably think of that too. So I decided to go there a little late in the afternoon, just to avoid the really big crowds.

Going there was pretty easy, even if I’ve never been to Parang. I rode a Marikina Bayan jeep near the Sta. Lucia overpass (across Landbank). This jeep stops at the side of the market and Marikina Sports Center. I walked at the nearest corner where I saw a Parang/NGI/Fortune jeep. The driver and his companion knows the Converse Warehouse so just tell them you’re going there and they will drop you off. The ride is a little long but the jeep stops right in front of the warehouse. Also you won’t miss it because you’ll immediately see the line of people outside.

So despite my attempt in trying to avoid crowds, I still end up lining outside and wait for our turn to go inside. But I only waited for around 10 minutes, afterwhich I was able to go inside.

2015-03-15 17.22.21

This is just a glimpse of what the crowd was like inside. (Sorry for the low quality photo.) It’s manageable though; you can still move and breathe. I guess it’s still a wise choice that I went there in the afternoon.

The shoes are stacked in shelves and in tall crates. You just pick what you fancy. The price tag attached is the discounted price. Though there are many options, it’s more of like what you see is what you get. And you must get at least what you are considering to buy because you might not be able to find that pair when you come back for it. I must have changed pairs two or three times. I had wanted a more low cut type of sneakers, but for some reason, size 5 and 5.5 in women’s were tight fit for me. I ended up finding a unisex high cut Chucks Taylor at size 6.


I like this color too; not too loud and can be neutral. For 1,500 pesos, it’s a good deal, imo.


Overall, I’m glad I went to the warehouse sale and was able to find a good deal. For my first pair of Chuck Taylors, it’s pretty neat!

There are also shirts, jackets, pants, and bags for sale. I considered buying a pair of pants but it’s kinda out of budget (it was around 650 pesos).

The Converse Warehouse Sale is up until March 22 2015. It is open from 9 am to 7 pm. But if you won’t be able to make it next week, the next Converse Warehouse sale will be on May 30 to June 7 2015. That’s also for me to take note; I’ll probably get a low cut pair of sneakers next time!