Short Reads: News Roundup for March 2017

Having come across with interesting content lately, I decided to share some of them in this post. These short reads are anything related to literature, reading, and our love for words. Here’s my first news roundup for the month of March!

Share the Love for Reading

National Bookstore, one of the biggest bookstore chains in the Philippines, is encouraging all book lovers to share the love for reading with the Read Out Loud Challenge. Just post a video in Facebook or Instagram of yourself reading out loud an excerpt of your favorite book, with the hashtag #readoutloudchallenge. Make sure to tag @nbsalert and three friends and set the video to public. For every seven videos, NBS will put up a library for a public school! I haven’t gotten round doing this myself but it looks like fun.

On Being a Filipino Writer

Last week, Kritika Kultura came out with a new issue, and one of the articles got me “triggered,” as they say these days. “The (Mis)Education of the Filipino Writer” by poet Conchitina Cruz talks about how the Siliman Writers’ Workshop came about, and how its focus on formalism may become a hindrance in the institution’s relevance in the literary scene. I thought a lot about the time I got interested in Philippine literature, and how I started writing stories in Filipino. My opinions are long enough for another post, so I won’t elaborate it here just yet. All I have to say is that I do feel vindicated–writers have to do more than just becoming proficient in English.

It’s Time for That Literary Contest

And speaking of writing, it’s that time of the year again. The Carlos Palanca Foundation is now open for submission for this year’s Palanca Awards. For those who aren’t aware, it is a known literary contest in the Philippines that gives both amateur and established writers a chance to become recognized for their works. This year, the Novel/Nobela category is open, so I’m anticipating what new novels will come out next year.

Harry Potter, Keep Taking My Money

So you’d think it’s enough that there are illustrated editions of Harry Potter, of which every copy is costly but totally worth it? Or the covers released for HPSS’s 15th anniversary where the Hogwarts castle appears when you line up all the books? Nope, now for its 20th anniversary, Bloomsbury will release Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone House Editions. Yes, the book will have a special cover that features every house. Goodness I haven’t even bought HPCoS illustrated version yet (the one available here is the Bloomsbury version, for some reason) and now this?! I’m just staring at the photos and I’m drooling.