Update: BookMania’s Book Exchange Program

I have blogged about this last February, and I just received the book from my book exchange partner! ­čÖé

It took a while, but first, I got a list of books that will be exchanged. There were only four books for this round (including mine). I chose Gate of the Sun by Elias Khoury coz that seems to be the only fiction book and I’ve already read (and didn’t like) A Million Little Pieces. The other option was a children’s book and I didn’t feel like getting one.

Then after a week or so, Archie of Book Mania emailed me about who my partner will be (i.e. to whom I will send the book), the contact details, etc. And it turned out that my partner will also be the one who will give me the book that I chose. Yay!

My partner’s name is Justin and he resides in Negros Occidental.┬áThe details that were required that we give to our partner were our full name, mailing address, and the title of the book that we will send. But I would suggest that the contact number be also included, if only for local exchanges. My first attempt in sending the book didn’t work out because I was asked to provide the specific barangay, and I had no idea. They were also asking for the contact number, which I didn’t have. So whooops. After getting Justin’s contact number and the barangay, I was able to send the book last March 26.

Justin was able to send my book last April 1 and it arrived today! ­čÖé


I also got a bookmark:


Thanks Justin! ­čÖé

This book exchange program is a nice experience. You not only get to have a new book but you also get to know other bibliophiles like you. The cost of shipping is the only thing that you might have to seriously consider, especially if it’s an international exchange. But then, I’m pretty sure it’s all worth it. Til the next book exchange!


BookMania’s Book Exchange Program

One of the Tumblr accounts I’ve been following over the past four years is Book Mania. It’s this amazing site run by a book lover┬ánamed Archie. It mainly posts insightful quotations from books and amazing photos of bookstores and libraries from around the world. The site has been featured in Tumblr spotlight, which is so far the only Filipino Tumblr account featured in it!

Last week, Book Mania launched a new endeavor: the Book Exchange Program. It is basically a book swap event online. Interested participants email the book that they plan to swap, as well as their contact details. There is an option for a local swap and an international swap. The list of books for swapping will be posted after a given deadline.

It sounds really exciting and I was immediately interested. I sent my email last week and I plan to swap my copy of Yann Martel’s The Facts of the Helsinki Roccamatios.


It’s an extra copy of mine so it’s in mint condition. Sometimes I forget that I have a copy of a certain title and I would accidentally buy another.

By the way, if you’re interested in joining, the deadline for sending emails is yesterday. But don’t fret! Book Mania says that this is only the first of many book exchanges, so just wait for the next one.

As for me, I’m excited to see the list of books for swapping. I’ll keep you posted on this one!