Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge


This post is a throwback of sorts: an old photo that I took when I was experimenting with macro photography with my then new digicam, and a look back at my college days. The photo challenge is “edge,” so I took it quite literally lol.

These are my copies of Malate Literary Folio, DLSU’s literary publication. I was part of the publication for two years, and yet I learned so much from my stay there. I made lifelong friends, lasting memories, and built my career from MLF. I owe a lot to them and will always fondly remember my short and sweet stay.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


This was the first thing that came to my mind when I learned about this week’s theme. I read this in high school, while impatiently waiting for the fifth Harry Potter book. I really had a hard time reading the whole series, probably because I am so used of reading stories that are not as descriptive as this. But looking back, it was just right for Tolkien to do so. It was most likely the reason why Peter Jackson’s films were so vivid and loyal to the books. Ultimately, it shows how such a tiny thing like a ring can possess immense power, and how tiny people, the hobbits, overcame every struggle. I don’t know if I will experience the same difficulty that I did when I first read it, but this should be in my rereading list for me to find out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

Transmogrify: to change or alter greatly


My copy of The Diary of a Young Girl, the first book I bought with my own money (from my saved allowance)

I was 11, and I had borrowed a copy of this book in the library. At the time, I kept a diary and would write on it daily. I was intrigued at what this diary was all about, and why it was now a book. Anne Frank was about the same age as I was when she wrote entries on her diary. I couldn’t help but compare her experience to mine. It was very far from my everyday chronicles of homework, petty fights with my sister, and the like. I marveled at her courage, despite her fear. Many years have passed, but I always go back to that time when I discovered how one’s outlook in life can be transformed by a single book.


Probably one of the first history books that I owned and read that was not required reading.


Anne Frank House museum guide and stamps – my sister’s pasalubong for me when she visited the museum in Amsterdam.