Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

Transmogrify: to change or alter greatly


My copy of The Diary of a Young Girl, the first book I bought with my own money (from my saved allowance)

I was 11, and I had borrowed a copy of this book in the library. At the time, I kept a diary and would write on it daily. I was intrigued at what this diary was all about, and why it was now a book. Anne Frank was about the same age as I was when she wrote entries on her diary. I couldn’t help but compare her experience to mine. It was very far from my everyday chronicles of homework, petty fights with my sister, and the like. I marveled at her courage, despite her fear. Many years have passed, but I always go back to that time when I discovered how one’s outlook in life can be transformed by a single book.


Probably one of the first history books that I owned and read that was not required reading.


Anne Frank House museum guide and stamps – my sister’s pasalubong for me when she visited the museum in Amsterdam.